The things this Search Page will do…

…And just a few of the things we won’t!

We find stuff for people – children and adults – with disabilities, special needs, Autism and/or learning disabilities.

This stuff is basically low value and worth little to nothing to anyone other than the family desperately seeking the item.

These items are desperately needed. Maybe there is just one left and they don’t last long. Search CupForBen on social media or the wider internet and read about Ben’s story. Marc started this project after the internet helped Ben. Ben needed cups desperately, if he hadn’t had cups he would likely need hospital care, sedation and intravenous fluids. At least, that would be the good outcome.

We find these items in the back of peoples cupboards, in their attic, in their garage. They know a friend of a friend had one, they know they’ve seen one somewhere. Thats what we do. Now and then items get found online, but most of the stuff is in someones home and they will happily give it to the family that needs it so badly.

We DON’T search online shops and stores from Amazon to Ebay and many in between. Actually thats not true. We do search, because the majority of searches never get launched, we find items within a few minutes readily available online. Sorry if you just don’t want to search, but its not really our job to do that for you.

We DON’T do is search for things you would just quite like. Sorry. Please don’t waste our time or others. We can tell, and its offensive. If you don’t need an item then don’t ask us to search.

We DON’T try to find things that are readily available online but you don’t want to pay the prices. This is a bit different if someone is trying to make a ridiculous profit on a cheap item, we have seen plastic sip cups being sold for nearly $200. Just because you fancy getting the item cheaper or for free, you can’t use us to save you some money. Thats not fair. If, however, you are in financial hardship and simply couldn’t afford to pay the inflated online prices then please message us privately as we may be able to search for you. The problem is people are nice, and you won’t find nicer people than our Searchers. When they hear a family badly need an item and they find it online they want to pay for it on their behalf. We just don’t think this is fair unless you really can’t afford it, in which case talk to us. We will be nosey, but thats so we can help.

We DON’T charge.
Except, we do. If you are able to pay for postage we ask you to contribute a minimum donation of £6, per item found, to cover packaging costs and postage, including recorded delivery and our own very special tracking service. If the finder doesn’t want the money, as most seem to say, then we let them know it’s already been paid, and ask if they would like to donate it to our project. This saves awkward conversations, we have many complex postage payments conversations, this will stop them all. And of course it helps us to grow every time someone says they don’t want or need the money for postage and packaging.