Urgent New Search Request

This is NOT a joke – this little boy could become seriously ill, or worse, without this search succeeding.

This is a serious case Searchers, and we need your help and sympathetic understanding of a very complex issue. Many of you won’t fully understand the intricacies and quite how this little boy could need this item so badly, but his Mum wouldn’t be sharing this if it wasn’t true.

Urban is 8 and due to his OCD/anxiety linked to his autism and learning difficulties, he picks threads of cotton from his socks and clothes which he then swallows.

These threads could tangle inside him and be life threatening.

These reversible ‘Paw Patrol’ socks from Asda are made differently, which means he simply can’t unpick them.

If Urban goes without socks – as many will of course suggest – he will turn his attention to his other clothes and pick them in the same way.

His Mum has tried lots of alternatives. Even so called ‘seamless socks’, but somehow he always manages to unpick them!

These are the only socks she has found that stop the problem. But…… Urban only has 2 pairs left!!

You really could help keep Urban safe by supporting this search. No silly comments, this is for real. If you don’t feel you can get behind it that’s fine, please wait for the next search to come along.

So, the socks were sold in packs from ASDA. Now discontinued. We have reason to believe Scottish and Welsh stores may still be stocking them. Are you in Scotland or Wales? Could you help? Asda told Urban’s Mum that they had found 30 pairs for him. Since then it has proven tricky for Asda to locate the stocks but they are still trying.

So, LittleBlueCup needs to help. YOU – our AMAZING SEARCHERS – need to help.

Again, they MUST be paw patrol reversible socks, MUST be fully reversible so there are no seams or finishing at the ankle, all finishing and seams MUST be at the toe.

Extra close up pics of the sock detail in comments.

Thank you! Please share far and wide. Please like the post. Please tag friends!

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