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LittleBlueCup has become so successful over the past few months that we can’t keep track of all of the messages we receive and we are worried we will lose some and fail to help people.

We ask that you email us at the addresses below so we can communicate. It is unlikely any messages you leave for us in here will be read anytime soon so email really is the only way of communicating with us from now on.

If we have been having a conversation with yourself over messenger until recently then please don’t worry, we will do our best to complete this conversation.

Please email if you are contacting us because you would like to discuss a search for an item you are looking for.

Please email if you are contacting us because you have an item or believe you have found an item that someone is searching for.

Please email if you are interested in volunteering for us in any capacity.

Please email if you have any media, sponsorship or publicity enquiries.


More Info

We truly are a global organisation, if we get a request for help from anyone in any country we promise to do all we can to help. North Korea may be a little more challenging, but we would certainly try!

Address: We are based in the UK but have Teams working in The USA, Australia and Canada.  We will try to help anyone anywhere.  We find items for our families in many different countries so are often seeking support with translation services.

Business Hours: 24/7/365 it seems!

Please email or use the form below if you want to talk about anything else, you think we can work together, or would like to discuss any other opportunities.


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